About Us

We have searched far and wide for the most exquisite tasting coconuts and tropical fruits available. Hearing rumors of a tropical island not pictured or documented on any maps, we decided for adventure taking a small boat across the Bermuda Triangle only to get caught in a sudden tropical storm, toppled over by furious waves that left us at the mercy of the Ocean.

We woke up washed ashore on an Island uninhabited by mankind, surrounded by what can only be referred to as Utopian Bliss…

It is on this Island that we discovered the most precious fruits that we would pick when ripe and bring back to our friends and family to enjoy and get a sense of what paradise can really taste like… We called this Island, ‘OkoBay’.

Our Range of Products, just spot on!

In Conjunction with the major government movement to cut sugar consumption in the UK and EU by 50%, OkoBay are introducing healthier alternatives; Dairy Free, Gluten Free and with Dairy & Sugar Free Coconut Milk Desserts as well as Yogurts to the market in summer 2016.

Wait There’s More

This year OkoBay will launch its reformulated hero product, The Coconut Water Ice with an addition to the family – the Coconut Water Ice with Watermelon, YUM! Also this year, OkoBay have introduced to the family a wonderfully simple and healthy fruit-on-a-stick range from Sweden – namely POP FRUITS! to it’s time for some perfectly ripe, flash frozen (to preserve the molecular structure of the fruit and therefore its nutritional values!) tropical fruit in Mango, Pineapple variants. Read the Press Release HERE. Stay tuned for more deliciousness!